esad2esad is a photographer based in munich, germany, where he also studied and achieved his masters degree from the photographic academy of munich. at the young age of 24, esad had his photos published in  magazines like vogue, harpers bazaar, stern and more.cicic worked with numerous clients on the european market ranging from cerutti, feraud, ballantines, nivea,deutsche bank, triumph intl., peek and cloppenburg, bogner, madeleine, alfex… in the mid 90’s esad spent the majority of his time within the usa, specifically between new york and miami, to become better acquainted with US clientele like sony entertainment or phillip morris.

personal projects on this website:

2013– exibition at the gallerie der moderne münchen
a series of large scale photographs. which were taken over a peroid of 2 years.

galerie der moderne

2014—a series of photographs for a non profit organisation that has turned
into a calendar.earned 3 prizes at the gregor international awards 2015 — for photography
and design.


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